Holiday Gift Drive

Fall is finally here!! It’s getting colder, colors are beginning to change, and we are settling in for a long stretch of exciting holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and CHRISTMAS! This time of year embodies everything Angelica Village stands for, as it is the season for food, community, love, appreciation, laughter, and joy.

Before you know it, winter will be approaching, and that means Angelica Village is ready to prepare for the holidays! We need your help to secure donations in order to give residents of Angelica Village a Christmas they’ve always wanted.

As you know, Angelica Village’s community of individuals, children, families, foster youth, formerly homeless individuals, immigrants, and refugees of war and violence is provided with housing, support, and basic needs primarily through funds, volunteering, and donations.

This year for the holidays the Angelica Village Team thought it would be special to provide these residents with the gift of empowerment. So, we will begin collecting gift cards to help members of the AV community provide their own gifts for each other. Gifting gift cards to parents will help them to feel empowered when providing for their children, and will give individuals and families the mobility of choice. What better way to celebrate holidays than to personify the spirit of giving?

Good ideas for gift cards might be restaurants, department stores, specialty stores, online stores (amazon), experience-based companies/organizations (Chuck E. Cheese’s, boondocks, water world, AMC), service-based organizations (Uber), child toy and clothing stores, and more. AV consists of individuals of all generations and is ecstatic to receive all types of gifts!

As always, monetary and in-kind donations are accepted and appreciated as well. :) Angelica Village is eternally grateful for your support and thanks you for being a part of our community. Happy holidays… may the festivities begin!